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Sidi X Power Boot

By Sidi

  • Made with Technomicro micofiber and plastic protections, 50 the X-Power also features a soft lining which facilitates the fit and enhances comfort.
  • The tongue and the back joint are made with microfiber and thermoformed.
  • The X-Power uses a 4-buckle closure system. The micrometric memory adjustment straps and hooks are easily replaceable.
  • All buckles are protected by a buckle pad, the one on the ankle can be replaced together with the buckle.
  • An inner gaiter repairs the leg from dust and debris.
  • The flex system positioned on the ankle area provides great flexion, which can be controlled and limited through a mechanism placed inside the hinge. The back flexion is also limited thanks to the plastic shaped on to enhance this goal.
  • The calf protector has an anti-slip rubber insert and is heat proof.
  • The inside area of the boots has a smooth design specifically studied for a better contact and grip with the motorcycle.