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Skinz - Polaris Chris Burandt Series 36" Front Suspension


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This suspension offering goes narrow to the 36 width but can still utilize an aftermarket shock or the OEM shock package. It is a great option for those that would like to get to that 36 width and need to have a low cost option. This is especially true if they can't or don't want to buy shocks.

The real benefit to this suspension is the corrected geometry. When the front end is narrowed, the spindles generally move backwards as the bulkhead on the Pro RMK is angled forward. Moving the spindles backwards is a negative for this machine and compromises the handling of the machine greatly. When we developed this front end, we maintained the OEM correct position of the spindle location which maintains the handling and predictability of the OEM machine. Thus, the corrected geometry. You can be sure that 36 width can get you into some tight spots. This is a great, lost cost narrow front suspension option.


  • 2011-2016 Polaris Pro RMK/Switchback Assault (Not AXYS)
  • Incl Upper/Lower A-Arms, Steering Rods - Fits w/OEM shocks or Fox Shocks