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509 - Goggle Aviator 2.0 XL

By 509

The 509 Aviator 2.0 XL Goggle is the most advanced goggle chassis in the snowmobile market featuring 20% larger face foam for extreme cold weather protection. The toric shaped lens provides optimum shape for minimal distortion, optical clarity and maximum field of vision. The 5MAG Lens Retention System holds lenses securely to the goggle soft frame and making it incredibly easy to change your lens anytime for variable lighting and riding conditions.

GOGGLE AND LENS OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO TAKE ON ANY TERRAIN, IN ANY CONDITION, ON ANY DAY / Various lenses from Clear and Mirror, High Contrast Spectrum Lenses, Polarized, and Photochromatic lens options. FUZION and FUZION FLOW lenses also available, and for extreme off-trail conditions the ignite lens is built with a new FLOW FAN. See below for more details.

THE FIRST TORIC SHAPED LENS WITH 5MAG MAGNETIC LENS RETENTION SYSTEM IN THE POWERSPORTS SEGMENT / The Aviator 2.0 goggle uses a toric lens for optical clarity and low distortion. Toric is a larger radius in the longitude direction, and a smaller radius in the latitude direction, providing a softer radius and optimized clarity.

  • 5MAG lens retention system.
  • Soft goggle frame for unparalleled comfort and fit
  • Hard lens frame insures an optimal fit, and a great sealing with 5MAG Lens Retention System
  • OTG, Over The Glasses, compatible
  • Flow venting in Lens, and in frame.
  • Easily replace lens on the trail for varying conditions
  • Improved tints, low light, and contrast improving technologies including polarized, photochromatic also available
  • The XL version features 20% more face foam for maximum warmth and coverage in extremely cold conditions.