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509 - Offroad Goggle Kingpin Fuzion

By 509

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The 509 Kingpin Fuzion Goggle: built with unique Fuzion technology, our premium Anti-fog capability that is 5x clearer and longer lasting than the traditional lens. The Kingpin Fuzion's quick-change lens technology makes swapping lenses quick and painless. The perfect goggle for the most grueling single-track riding and conditions.


  • Fuzion lens technology
  • HCS (High Contrast Spectrum) technology lens options
  • Quick-change lens technology
  • Tear off posts
  • Contoured triple layer foam
  • Removable nose piece
  • Silicon lined premium strap

Unique Fuzion Technology

Fuzion technology bonds an Anti-fog lens material inside the PC lens, providing premium Anti-fog technology. Premium Anti-fog capability is 5x better and longer lasting than traditional PC lens technology. This single pane, 1.4mm PC lens, is thicker and more impact resistant than a conventional PC lens.

Quick-Change Lens Technology

Make quick work of a lens swap. Simply rotate the left & right mounts 90 degrees clockwise and remove the lens from the frame. It’s that simple.

Kingpin Fuzion Offroad Goggle Lens Conditions

Chrome Mirror/Amber HCS Fuzion Lens - Partly Sunny
Chrome Mirror Fuzion Lens - Partly Sunny
Clear Fuzion Lens - Cloudy, Low Light
Fire Mirror Fuzion Lens - Cloudy, Low Light
Fire Mirror/Light Rose HCS Fuzion Lens - Partly Sunny
Yellow Fuzion Lens - Partly Sunny