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FLY Racing Mini (40-80lbs) Convertible II Roost Guard


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The FLY Racing Convertible II Roost Guard is a classic-style roost guard with heaps of protection for young riders.

The Convertible II is built to be super low-profile, meaning you can wear it under or over your jersey. Called the "Convertible," because you can remove the bicep and shoulder protectors for a bit more mobility.

This Mini model is made for those 40lbs - 80lbs.

FLY Racing Junior Convertible II Roost Guard Details:

  • 40-80 lbs
  • High-impact plastic construction with vented front and back panels for maximum airflow impact resistance
  • Removable plastic shoulders allow for more options whether using it under a jersey or improving neck brace mobility
  • Quick-snap removable Lycra® foam allows for easy cleaning and color change of interior foam panels
  • Shields your arm
  • Anatomically correct design
  • Fully adjustable with aluminum hardware
  • Quick release neck strap so you can easily use with or without a neck brace and allows for quick and easy adjustment