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Free shipping on orders over $200.00


Plant One Tree (General)


Your generous contribution plants one tree in a general reforestation project in Canada through our reforestation partner, Rocky Mountain Reforestation Canada. This service does NOT include the protection of riding zones or recreation areas and may or may not be part of a wildlife habitat recovery project but will aid in the general reforestation of our planet!

Current project (Ontario)

  • Given its remarkably large land area, Ontario's forests are incredibly diverse. From the northern lowlands around Hudson Bay, through the Boreal forest, and on to the deciduous forests in the south, Ontario is home to a wide array of unique plant and wildlife. However, many of Ontario's amazing forests are being pressured by natural resource extraction and encroaching agricultural development. On top of this, in April 2019 the Ontario government cut funding for its tree planting program, which intended on planting 50 million trees by 2025. Your support is appreciated as we continue where they left off.