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Timber - Ice Fishing Rod - Byran Halliday Signature Series QuikStik


Introducing the Timber QuikStik Byran Halliday Signature Series! 

Throw it over your shoulder, under the seat of your sled or simply take up less room wherever you place it. Designed with the backcountry fisherman in mind the QuikStik gives you the unique ability to pack a lot with only a little!

With the all NEW!!!! QUIK EXCHANGE Feature
QuikStik rods are perfect for your next backcountry adventure or for runnin’ and gunnin’ as the Quik Exchange tips allow for a rod change on the fly to match target species and conditions. Carry a few different spools and be ready for whatever comes your way! They also allow for a 36” rod to pack into a 31.5” case as the rod removes from the handle and stores safely in its own sleeve. Collect all actions with less storage space required and at an overall lower cost! 

The rod(s) and reel, are built for durability 
and the ultimate ice fishing experience! 3+1 Ball 
bearing reel with infinite anti-reverse provides 
smooth, reliable performance.

Oversized guides prevent ice up and keep you 
focused on the fish! Fiberglass composite construction ensures premium durability and response.

A strong backbone instills confidence and 
provides the power needed with big fish, 
while a fast action tip provides sensitivity 
and flex to create a gradual load ensuring a 
solid hook-up on fish of all sizes.